The 3-month English Grammar


How to learn All English Grammar in 3 months?

Grammar 1: The most important Structure in English

Grammar 2: Noun, Verb, Adj, Adv in English

Grammar 3: How to understand an English sentence

Grammar 4: Noun with suffix

Grammar 5: Verb

Grammar 6: Adjective

Grammar 7: Adj ending with “tive, al, ful, y, ic, less”

Grammar 8: Adj ending with Ving vs Ved

Grammar 9: Adj possessive and Pronoun Possessive

Grammar 10: General Exercises

Grammar 11: Subject and Verb in English

Grammar 12: How to learn all English tenses in 1 hour

Grammar 13: The Simple Present – Positive

Grammar 14: The Simple Present – Negative

Grammar 15: The Simple Present – Interrogative

Grammar 16: The Simple Future

Grammar 17: The Simple Past – Positive

Grammar 18: The Simple Past – Negative

Grammar 19: The Simple Past – Interrogative

Grammar 20: The Present Continuous

Grammar 21: The Past Continuous

Grammar 22: The Present Perfect

Grammar 23: The Past Perfect

Grammar 24: General Exercise

Grammar 25: 7 basic tenses in English

Grammar 26: English Question

Grammar 27: Passive Voice

Grammar 28: Passive Voice with specific situations

Grammar 29: General Exercise

Grammar 30: Quantity words in English

Grammar 31: There is/are, There was/were

Grammar 32: Article “a, an, the”

Grammar 33: Another, other, the other, others, the others

Grammar 34: General Exercises

Grammar 35: Enough, too … to, so … that, such … that

Grammar 36: Because vs because of

Grammar 37: Although, though, even though, despite, in spite of

Grammar 38: Not only … but also, both … and

Grammar 39: Not … any = no

Grammar 40: English Number

Grammar 41: General Exercises

Grammar 42: V + Vo, V + to Vo,  V + Ving part 1

Grammar 43: V + Vo, V + to Vo, V + Ving part 2

Grammar 44: V + Vo, V + to Vo, V + Ving with specific situations

Grammar 45: General Exercises

Grammar 46: Preposition in English

Grammar 47: Preposition + time

Grammar 48: Preposition + place

Grammar 49: Adj + Preposition

Grammar 50: Verb + Preposition

Grammar 51: General Exericses

Grammar 52: Comparison Adj with as … as, er, est, more ,the most

Grammar 53: Comparison Adv with as … as, er, est, more, the most

Grammar 54: The same and the same as, like and alike

Grammar 55: Relative Clause

Grammar 56: Conditional Clause (If Clause)

Grammar 57: Reported Speech part 1

Grammar 58: Reported Speech part 2

Grammar 59: General Exercise

Grammar 60: Test for English Grammar


How to learn 1500 common English words in 15 days (comming soon)

How to write an English essay with perfect Grammar and Vocabulary in 15 days (comming soon)


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