Oct 102011

In this level, we have 3 tools for practicing Listening:


Fairy tales

Funny stories

Why do we choose these tools?

Listen to music:

By listening to English songs, we’ll know how to pronounce English in standard easily.

By repeating singing the song the same way as the singer, we can practice pronunciation and then we can pronounce English in standard easily.

Fairy tales or funny stories:

Like a baby who wants his mother to tell him a fairy tale or funny story at night, listening to a fairy tale or funny story will help you learn new language easily.

Each fairy tale or funny story can help you learn up to 500 new words, and these words are connected together into the storyline, so you can remember new words easily and you also know how to use them in context effectively.



You’ll practice this level of Listening by the following video clips:

My heart will go on (English song)

Only love (English song)

Take me to your heart (English song)

Anyone of us (English song)

This is me (English song)

Cinderella (fairy tale)

The frog prince (fairy tale)

Rapunzel (fairy tale)

Achmed the Dead Terrorist (funny story)

Achmed with Christmas (funny story)

 If you can hear and comprehend these video clips clearly, you pass this level of Listening. Then, you’ll have the following skills:

3000 new words in English

Listen to a native English speaker very well

(Don’t do other exercises until you conplete this exercise)

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    Oct 102011

    Everyone knows that there are four skills in learning a language:





    And Speaking is viewed by learners as the most desirable skill. However, what is the answers to the following questions:

    What do you have to do before you can speak?

    What do children learn before they can talk?

    Listening, of course!

    Naturally, children begin learning a new language by listening to their parents when they’re babies. They repeat every word that their parents speak. Though the babies can’t understand all spoken words, the process continues. It means they learn new language by hearing from ears first and then practice speaking by repeating.

    After the babies can speak language, what do they do next? Of course, they’ll learn to read and lastly write.

    The same as the babies, if you want to learn new language, you should learn the same way as they do. It means you must learn new language by learning listening skill first.

    Why is listening?

    1. We’ll learn new words and learn how to express these words in talk efficiently by listening.

    2. We’ll review old words in mind and connect them with new words to easily use them in practice by listening.

    3. We’ll know how American people use English in talk and then we’ll know how to speak English in practice like them efficiently.

    4. We’ll can learn to pronounce English in standard by imitating what we hear.

    5. We don’t feel nervous and stress by practice listening first, then our improvement in English will be faster.


    Depending on our level of listening,  we would have suitable lessons for practice. If your listening skill is bad, start your learning by practicing the lessons below.

    Learning like a baby is the best method for all English learners, the baby firstly learns language from low level and then gradually increases his level. If we learn English by this method, we’ll not feel nervous or stress to learn new language and  then our process gets faster.

    Listening for Beginner includes 15 lessons:

    (Click one of these lessons to learn Listening for Beginner)

    Lesson 1: Introduction

    Lesson 2: Hello/Goodbye

    Lesson 3: Please & Thank you

    Lesson 4: Response to ‘Please’/’Thank you’

    Lesson 5: Good/Bad

    Lesson 6: Happy/Sad

    Lesson 7: Health/Exercise

    Lesson 8: Friends

    Lesson 9: Fame

    Lesson 10: Saying sorry

    Lesson 11: Irony and Coincidence

    Lesson 12: All about you

    Lesson 13: Grammar

    Lesson 14: Body language

    Lesson 15: Slang


    If you can hear and comprehend these 15 lessons clearly, it means you pass the basic level of English listening. Continue with the following lessons to master English listening completely:

    Listening 2: Advance Listening

    Listening 3: American English Listening

    (Don’t do other exercises until you complete this exercise)

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      Aug 272011


      I’m a lazy person! I don’t like learning new words. It’s so boring and I don’t know how to use these words in talking. But after all, my listening is perfect and I can remember many English words (maybe over 10000 words) and use these words in talking. How did I do that?

      It’s simple! I’ve just stayed at home to relax and then gain my vocabulary. That is:



      Movies are another way to describe social life most honestly. Watching American movies, you really know how American people react, which words they use in talk. You’ll hear the voice, see the face,  and the body language of the characters in the movies and it’s also a good chance to help learn how to react in talk when you meet a native English speaker in real situations.

      Otherwise, listening through American movies is also a great way to help learn new vocabulary in context. By listening the movies many times, you don’t need to remember any single word and you’ll know how to apply them in specific situations automatically.

      A movie can help you learn up to 500 new words, so you’ll meet a little difficulty in the first stage through listening to the movie and spending 2 weeks on only 1 movie is a need to fully master these new words.

      American Movies also show you how to pronounce English with American accent properly, which you’ll not be enrolled in normal English books easily.


      Standard English :   I want to go shopping.

      American English:   I wanna go shopping.

      Wanna: is American style. If you speak 2 sentences above, you’ll see that “wanna” will be more natural and fluent to speak than “want to”.



      Step 1: Listen your native language with English subtitle.

      You maybe hear about 2 times to comprehend all contents in a movie

      Step 2: Listen English with English subtitle

      This step helps you learn new words and it maybe cost you 1 week to comprehend all vocabulary in a movie

      Step 3: Listen English without English subtitle

      This step helps you be familiar with English accent. If you can listen to a movie perfectly, it means you can hear English very well. Then you can be confident that you can hear a native English speaker talk in real world perfectly.

      If you can’t hear any section, turn it back and listen again and again until you can hear it clearly. But if you can’t still hear it clearly after 5 times of trying, skip it and hear it again at another day.



      Tangled (animated movie)

      Enchanted (movie)

      Camp Rock 1 (movie)

      Camp Rock 2 (movie)

      Kungfu Panda (animated movie)

      Kungfu Panda (animated movie)

      Peter Pan 1 (movie)

      Peter Pan 2 (movie)

      You may practice Listening by watching up to 5 movies if you want to listen English perfectly. And if you do that, you can listen to any native English speaker easily and perfectly and then the language barrier between you and native English speakers is no longer. Congratulations!

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