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Noun is a word used to name a person, a thing … in a sentence.

Ex: My son  goes to school everyday.

–     N                         N            N


Noun includes:

Ex:                  Nounsingular                   Nounplural

Nperson             1 student             2 students

Nthing               1 box                     2 boxes

Use “s” or “es” for Nplural:

If the end of the word is “s,x,ch,sh”, we use “es”.

Ex: 1 box                          2 boxes

–     1 dish                         2 dishes

For other words, we use “s”.

Ex: 1 student                 2 students

–     1 book                       2 books

Noun includes 2 basic types:

Nsuffix          teach (V)     =>       teacher (N)

Nno suffix       money (N)


 7 basic types of Nsuffix:

er,or                    N = V + er/or     : person

ness                     N = Adj + ness          : thing

tion,ation          N = V + tion/ation  : thing

ment                    N = V + ment                        : thing

ance, ence         N = V + ance/ence  : thing

ing                        N = V + ing                : thing

ty                          most words with “ty” are Noun

Ex: I     sing      English songs everyday.

–     I       am    a  singer.

Ex: I’m  very    happy    with my work.

–     Book   brings  happiness   to   everyone.

Ex: I     want    to   communicate  with you.

–     Communication   helps   me   understand  your idea.

Ex: I     want to    improve     my English skill.

–     I     have    improvement   in   my English skill.

Ex: I   guide  tourists   to go  right way.

–     My guidance helps tourists go right way.

Ex: I       sing      English song everyday.

–     I     love   singing.

Ex: I  love    the    beauty   of   this castle.


Noun with no suffix:

Noun with no suffix doesn’t have any rule to establish it.

Ex:  book                    computer

–     table                       chicken

I      like    book.


Exercise: Circle the correct answer

1. Dave is an English                                   .

a. teach                                  b. teacher

2. Dave                                   English at high school.

a. teaches                              b. teacher

3. Dave is                                           because he has a good mark at school.

a. happy                                b. happiness

4.                                  is one of the most important skills in modern life.

a. communicate                  b. communication

5. Dave wants to                                          his English to be better.

a. improve                            b. improvement

6. Dave                                   the tourists to go the right way.

a. guides                                b. guidance

7. His                                       helps the tourists go the right way.

a. guides                                b. guidance

8. I love the                           of this castle.

a. beauty                               b. beautiful

9. This castle is so                            .

a. beauty                               b. beautiful

10. In summer, there are many interesting                                                 for children.

a. activate                             b. activities


1. b                             2. a                             3. a                             4. b

5. a                             6. a                             7. b                             8. a

9. b                             10. b

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