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4 types of Adjective (Adj):

1. Adj with suffix: tive, ful, al, y, ic, less

Adj = (V) + tive

Adj = (N) + ful, al, y, ic, less

2. Adj with suffix: V+ing   vs   V+ed

Adj = V + ing

Adj = V + ed

3. Adj with no suffix

4. Adj possesive

 Adj is a word to supplement the meaning for Pronoun or Noun


1. Adj with suffix: tive, ful, al, y, ic, less

Adj = (V) + tive

Adj = (N) + ful, al, y, ic, less                 

Ex:    beauty (N)                 beautiful (Adj)

She     loves        the   beauty  of this castle.

She     is               beautiful.

Ex:    nation (N)                              national (Adj)

My nation      is    beautiful.

Merry Christmas       is       the   national   event.


2. Adj with suffix “ing” and “ed”:

Adj  =   V   +   ing   =   Adj with active meaning

Adj  =   V   +    ed   =   Adj with passive meaning

     Adj with “ed” is used to describe how people feel about a thing.

     Adj with “ed” is used to describe how a thing affects to people.

Ex:  interest (V)        interesting (Adjactive)        interested (Adjpassive)

1.   This book is interesting   to   Dave.

(this book cause the interest for Dave)

2.    Dave is  interested  in this  book.

(Dave is caused the interest by this book)


3. Adj possessive:

Pronoun-S                            Adj possessive

I                                                     my

you                                              your

he                                                  his

she                                                 her

we                                                 our

they                                               their

it                                                    its

Ex: I    love    my  house.

–     We love our school.


Adj position in a sentence:

Ex:      She         is        beautiful

–     Pron-S       be            Adj

Adj “beautiful” supplement for Pron-S “She”

Ex:      This apple       is        green

–      Noun-S          be        Adj

Adj “green” supplement for Noun-S “Apple”

Ex:      I   eat     green    apple everyday

Adj            N

Adj “green” supplement for N “apple”


–     S          +          V         +          O

Adj + N         be + Adj         Adj + N


“help, make, look, feel, taste …” + Adj

Ex: I feel happy now.

–     You look tired now.


Exercise: Circle the correct answer

1/ Jenifer is very                             , she was born in New York.

a. beauty                               b. beautiful

2/ I love the                                                  of her eyes, it’s so sparkle.

a. beauty                               b. beautiful

3/ John is a                                       person, he always drives car carefully.

a. care                                                b. careful

4/ John is a                                        person, he always drives car carelessly.

a. care                                                b. careless

5/ This movie is very                                , you should watch it.

a. fun                                      b. funny

6/ This is a                                        movie, you should watch it.

a. fun                                      b. funny

7/ I love Jenifer’s dress, it’s very                                    .

a. attract                                b. attractive

8/ This movie is                                           to me.

a. interesting                        b. interested

9/ I’m                               in this movie.

a. interesting                        b. interested

10/ I love                         family.

a. me                                      b. my


1. b                       2. a                       3. b                 4. b

5. b                       6. b                       7. b                 8. a

9. a                       10. b

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