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Adj ending with “tive, al, ful, y, ic, less”

 Adj = N/V + tive

Adj = (N) + al, ful, y, ic, less


1. Adj often ends with “tive”:

Nation – native                    talk – talkative

Attract – attractive             compete – competitive

Effect – effective                 select – selective

2. Adj often ends with “ful”:

Care – careful                      wonder – wonderful

Success – successful          pain – painful

Help – helpful                      hope – hopeful

Color – colorful                   meaning – meaningful

Pain – painful                      power – powerful

3. Adj often ends with “al”:

finance – financial              education – educational

tradition – traditional        internation – international

Culture – cultural               nature – natural

Globe – global                     continent – continental

memory – memorial          electric – electrical

4. Adj often ends with “y”:

Fun – funny                          sleep – sleepy

Sun – sunny                          cloud – cloudy

Milk – milky                         snow – snowy

5. Adj often ends with “ic”:

diploma – diplomatic        biography – biographic

base – basic                          geography – geopgraphic

6. Adj often ends with “less”:

Care – careless                    hope – hopeless

Harm – harmless                  scare – scareless

Example:    beauty (N)                 beautiful (Adj)

She     loves        the   beauty  of this castle.

She     is               beautiful.

Example:    nation (N)                              national (Adj)

My nation      is    beautiful.

Merry Christmas       is       the   national   event.


Adj position in a sentence:

S          +          V         +          O

Adj + N      be  +  Adj         Adj + N


“help, make, look, feel, taste …” + Adj


Exercise: Circle the correct answer

1. Tonight, Mary wears a beautiful dress, and she looks so                                     .

a. attract                               b. attractive

2. I have a new laptop, it’s very                                      .

a. help                                    b. helpful

3. I love the                           of my country.

a. tradition                           b. traditional

4. “Banh xeo” is one of many                                dishes in Vietnam.

a. tradition                           b. traditional

5. You should read this story, it’s very                           .

a. fun                                      b. funny

6. The sky is                                      , I think it’s raining.

a. cloud                     b. cloudy

7. I stayed up yesterday, I feel                             now.

a. sleep                      b. sleepy

8. I’m very                             in driving, I never have an accident.

a. careful                   b. careless

9. I’m very                             in driving, I always have trouble with traffic.

a. careful                   b. careless

10. I’m a                                 driver, I never have an accident.

a. careful                   b. careless


1. b                 2. b                 3. a                 4. b

5. b                 6. b                 7. b                 8. a

9. b                 10. a

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