May 102012

Negative Sentence: S + V + not

S + Vmains,es               => S  + do/does + not + Vmaino

S +Vmodal + Vmaino      => S + Vmodal + not + Vmaino

S + am/is/are              => S + am/is/are + not

1/ S + do/does + not + Vmaino

Ssingular + does + not + Vmaino           John doesn’t play football everday.

Splural + do + not + Vmaino                  We don’t play football everyday.

S = “I” do + not + Vmaino                      I don’t play football everyday.

S = “You” do + not + Vmaino                You don’t play football everyday.

2/ S + Vmodal + not + Vmaino

John can’t play football everyday.

We can’t play football everyday.

I can’t play football everyday.

3/ S + am/is/are + not

Ssingular + is not                    John isn’t a good student.

Splural + are not                     We aren’t good students.

S = “I” + “am not”                  I’m not a good student.

S = “you” + “are not”             You are not a good student.


Exercise: Use the correct Verb form

1/ John (not eat)                                                apple everyday.

3/ John and David (not eat)                            apple everyday.

3/ I (not eat)                                           apple everyday.

4/ You (not eat)                                     apple everyday.

5/ John (can not eat)                                        apple everyday.

6/ John and David (can not eat)                                apple everyday.

7/ I (can not eat)                                               apple everyday.

8/ You (can not eat)                                         apple everyday.

9/ John (be not)                                     an excellent doctor.

10/ I (be not)                                          an excellent doctor.


1/ John       doesn’t eat              apple everyday.

3/ John and David         don’t eat                    apple everyday.

3/ I            don’t eat                    apple everyday.

4/ You      don’t eat                    apple everyday.

5/ John     can’t eat                    apple everyday.

6/ John and David       can’t eat          apple everyday.

7/ I            can’t eat                    apple everyday.

8/ You      can’t eat                    apple everyday.

9/ John     is not              an excellent doctor.

10/ I          am not           an excellent doctor.

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