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In English, each grammar point has different structures and it’s not easy to remember all if you don’t spend enough time on learning grammar.

English grammar is hard to remember but there are some rules to help you master it. If you know these rules, your English grammar will get better in a short time.



Plus method:

English tenses is used to show time that an action happens in a sentence.

Example : I’m eating dinner now.

 Present Continuous tense shows us that the action “eat” happens now.

All English tenses are established by combining 5 following elements:

Future:          will + V0

Present:        V1

Past:               V2ed

Perfect:         have + V3ed

Continuous:   be + Ving

Example 1:

(Simple) Present:               S             +             V1s,es

Example 2:

Present Continuous     =       Present      +      Continuous

Present                       =       S      +    V1s,es

+      Continuous                                   +    be               +     Ving

Present Continuous       =      S       +   am/is/are  +      Ving

be”   at   V1s,es   is   “am/is/are

Example 3:

Present Perfect       =      Present        +      Perfect

Present                =     S     +  V1s,es

+  Perfect                            +  have          +     V3ed

 Present Perfect        =    S       +  have/has      + V3ed

have”   at   V1s,es    is   “have/has

Example 4:

Present Perfect Continuous   =   Present  +  Perfect  +  Continuous

Present           =     S   +   V1s,es

+       Perfect                       +  have     +       V3ed

+       Continuous                                   +      be       +   Ving

=    S   + have/ has   +      been   + Ving

have”   at   V1,s,es   is   “have/has”   and   “be”    at   V3ed   is   “been



Use “Plus method” to establish the following tenses in English:

1/ (Simple) Past

2/ Past Continuous

3/ Past Perfect

4/ Past Perfect Continuous

5/ (Simple) Future

6/ Future Continuous

7/ Future Perfect

8/ Future Perfect Continuous



If you follow Plus method, you’ll have all structure as follows:

1/      S        +        V2ed

2/      S        +        was/were       +        Ving

3/      S        +        had          +      V3ed

4/      S        +        had          +      been   +     Ving

5/      S        +        will          +       V0

6/      S        +        will         +         be      +      Ving

7/      S        +        will         +        have   +     V3ed

8/      S        +        will         +        have    +    been    +     Ving

By this method, you can establish any English tense easily just by remembering 5 basic elements above without reading any English grammar book.

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