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Writing is the most difficult skill in learning English and writing a topic is also so hard for many English learners if they don’t have enough vocabulary or don’t know how to organize their ideas in mind.

There are two kinds of topics: Daily topics and Academic topics

Daily topics are around daily situations like:

“Introduce yourself”

“Goal! How to make it true”

“Benefit of saving money”


Academic topics are around events, an academic writing at school or magazine like:

“The greatest Debit Card: Subsidizes Your Purchases”

“Watch: Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech”

“Scientific Breakthrough: Stem Cells Cloned Using the ‘Dolly’ Method”


Academic topics are 10 times harder than daily topics for writing. If you want to write an academic topic, you must have many skills and this isn’t our goal for this lesson.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to write daily topics by your own words and after learning the method in this lesson, you’ll be able to write a daily topic very well.



Use Mind Map to create content for a topic and then write it down.

What is Mind Map and how to use it?

Mind Map is a tool to help you maximize the ability of your brain. It combines the ability to think in language of  left brain and the ability to remember through images of right brain to help you have a great mind and solve problem quickly.

If you don’t know and never use this method, it’s your disadvantage compared to others. This method is taught and used for 500 of the world’s leading Corporations and Companies. More than 250 million people worldwide are using this method to get high efficiency in work and study.

Example: I use Mind Map to outline the topic “Goal! How to make it true” as follows:

My writing from Mind Map:

My name is Duc, I’m 24 years old now. I’ve just graduated from Marketing University with Bachelor degree.

Like everyone, I have my own goals. I want to earn 1 million US dollars and I want to travel around the world.

To make my goals come true, I think I should find a good job with high salary and then I’ll fulfill my goals. I major in Business Administration, so I think I’ll find a job relevant to management or sales.

I also think about doing my own business. I have no idea for starting it now, maybe I can start by learning to sell something online.

I’m really happy when thinking about my dream.

After completing this writing, I have one more idea in mind and then I write it down:

“What will you do after you fulfill your goal?”

Then, I add this idea into my Mind Map:

With new idea, I continue my writing as follows:

Someone asks me “What will you do after fulfilling your goal, Duc?”

This question gets me think a lot, and I realize that I’ve just had a narrow thought in mind. I only think about myself and only focus on money. Then, I realize something more valuable in life:

Of course, I still want to earn a lot of money and if I can earn 1 million US dollars, why not for 10 millions US dollars. It’s also a part of my new goals.

I’ll help my parents have a better life. They lose so much for me, and now is the time I must take care of them for the rest of their life.

And if I have much money, I also help poor people have a better life. Charity is one of many actions I thought about.

Last of all, I always dream about a happy family for myself, and I think it’s also the dream of all people around the world. Let’s think if we have a lot money without any happiness in soul, it’s nothing.

The end

Mind Map + Practice = master English writing within 2 weeks

If you can create a situation and practice writing English as example above, I’m sure you can write English on daily topic fluently within 2 weeks.


How to use Mind Map to master English writing?

It’s simple, 2 things you need are a pen and a paper.

Mind Map for English includes 3 steps:

Step 1: Topic for English writing

Write the topic in the center of the paper.

Example: “Goal! How to make it true”

Step 2: Write things related to this topic.

Write down everything you think is relevant to this topic. You shouldn’t care if your writing is true or false, just write down the things in your mind.

Ask yourself things relevant to this topic and then write them down in the paper. The relevant things are often a series of questions, finding relevant things to the topic means finding relevant questions to this topic.

Example: For the topic “Goal”, I find out 3 relevant things  “introduce yourself“, “goal” and “make it true“.

Then, I write them down in Mind Map as follows:

Then, if you find out other ideas relevant to this topic, write them down in Mind Map.

Example: In the topic above, I find out one more idea, then I write in down in Mind Map as follows:

Step 3: Find the answers to this topic and then use them to write a meaningful writing.

By answering the questions in the topic by yourself and connect them into a writing, you’ll have a perfect writing.

Of course, you can’t have a perfect writing for the first time. By practice, your writing skills will be better and better and then you can write an academic writing in English perfectly.



Introduce yourself

Goal! How to make it true!

Benefit of saving money!

What do you choose between money and knowledge?

What job are you looking for?

If you can complete these 5 topics with good writings, you pass this lesson. Congratulations! The last thing you should try to do to master English Writing perfectly is to learn how to write academic topics. Then, you complete the schedule for English learner for all levels.

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