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In English, writing is the most difficult skill for all English learners. You may be very good at other skill, but writing is not.

There are 3 levels of Writing:

Writing for Beginner

Creative in Writing

Academic Writing

Writing for Beginner” is the method to learn how to arrange your idea for writing logically and then write it down. If you don’t know how to arrange your idea for writing, you never have a good writing.

Creative in Writing” is the method to learn how to create your idea for writing and then write it down to become a meaningful writing.

Academic Writing” is 10 times more difficult than both methods above. It’s the method to learn how to write Academic English like a report, a business plan, a thesis or a writing on magazine.

In this lesson, we’ll learn “Writing for Beginner”

How to learn “Writing for Beginner”:

Read a comic book

Rewrite the comic book by your own words.

For example: You’re reading a page on the comic book name “Rapunzel”

Then, don’t look at the writing in the page and use your own words to rewrite the story.

My writing with my own words for this example as follows:

“Long long ago, there was a lovely baby who was born with the golden hair and the hair had the magical power to heal all the wound and bring back young to everyone who kept it…”

By using this method, I knew how to arrange my idea in word. That’s the most powerful method for beginner with writing skill.



First: Go to the bookstore and buy 2 comic books for practice this method.

Second: Read each comic book at least 10 times to learn new words in them.

Third: Look at the pictures but don’t look at the writings in the comic books and then, rewrite the story by your own words.

You may have some difficulties for using this method at the first stage. But this is the easiest method to learn writing and there is no method simpler than this method. If you really want to master writing skill, then this method will be the best start.



If you can’t find anywhere to buy the comic books, then you can use 2 following comic books in this website:

Fairy tale: Rapunzel

Fairy tale: Shrek

How to use them:

First: Read these stories 3 times for each.

Second: Rewrite the stories by your own words by seeing the pictures without seeing the writings.

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