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If we want to use Academic English for Speaking and Writing, we must firstly learn Academic English Vocabulary.

We’ll learn this range of Academic English Vocabulary by Magazine.

Why do we choose Magazine for learning Academic English?

Magazine is the tool to describe social life. Reading Magazine will help us catch up with our age.

Academic Magazine will help you learn Academic English Vocabulary easily.

A magazine can help you learn about 300 – 500 new words, so you’ll need about 1 week to finish only one magazine.

Journalists are one kind of the best writers, if you read a writing, it also means that you learn how the journalists describe their ideas in word.


What kind of Magazine do you need to read?

Depending on your major, you’ll choose a suitable kind of Magazine for your learning. Then, go to the newsstand or bookstore to buy a suitable magazine for your learning.

If you major in Business or Economy, you can read:

Economic Magazine

If you major in Technology and Science, you can read:

Technology and Science Magazine

If you can read and comprehend all the content of an academic magazine in English, it means that you have enough Academic English Vocabulary. The last problem is that how to use these words in practice of Speaking and Writing.


Alternative Solution:

If you can’t find anywhere to buy an academic magazine, you can read it online.

What kind of magazine and website should you use for reading?

Major in Business and Economy:

Yahoo Business

Major in Technology:

Yahoo Technology

Major in Science:

Yahoo Science

If you don’t major in any kind of them, go to Yahoo website to find a suitable one to learn Academic Vocabulary.

If you can read and comprehend 10 academic writings in the website smoothly, it means you’ve mastered about 3000 Academic words in mind. Congratulations, you qualify Academic English Vocabulary for Reading.

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