Aug 272011

• From the experience of learning English myself and teaching others, I know it’s wrong. If you are aged between 16 and 35, you’ll learn English most easily and effectively.

Your current issue in this situation is that you really don’t know any method to practice English effectively and that’s the reason you think you can’t learn English well.

In addition, you see that children and young persons can speak English very well but you don’t. The reason these kids can speak English well is because they don’t feel shy to speak English (because at their age they don’t understand what shy is) and therefore they speak so frequently and this frequency helps them speak English very well.

How about you? You feel very shy and embarrassed so you never open your mouth to communicate, that’s why you’re not good at speaking skill.

You think you can’t learn new vocabulary, but the kids learn it very fast. This is somewhat right and somewhat wrong.

It’s right that you can’t learn vocabulary word by word because it’s very boring and not practical, but the kids don’t feel boring (because they don’t have strong feeling of boredom as you) so they can learn new vocabulary very easily.

It’s wrong that you can’t learn multiple vocabulary. In fact, from my experience I know that you can learn multiple vocabulary of the same topic easily while the kids are hard to do that because they aren’t good at connecting words and their meaning in a topic easily like you.

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    1. You’ve really helped me understand the issues. Thanks.

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