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Speaking skill is only learned through real communication face to face each other frequently so that you can feel relax when speaking English.

If you sign up for a class, it means that a teacher will manage 20 students, you only have 1/20 chance to communicate English with your teacher. It also means that you’re  20 times slower than if you have chance to communicate English face to face full time with others.

If you sign up for a class and I assume that you don’t speak well with others because you’re afraid to open your mouth (because of embarrassment and not knowing what to talk about), other classmates will have more chance to talk and talk, so you almost have no chance to communicate. Then you’re not only 20 times slower than but also double that number up to 40 times slower than if you have chance to communicate English face to face full time with others.

What’s the solution? How to speed up and have the opportunity to communicate English full time with others?

Don’t go to class to learn English communication, instead find a friend to learn Speaking skill:

A friend will help you avoid embarrassment when you open your mouth to communicate English. In the first period of learning a new language, I’m sure that everyone is embarrassed to open their mouths to speak English with others and if you never open your mouth to speak, you’ll never communicate English naturally and fluently.

If you have a friend who attends English with you, this problem will be solved, you won’t feel embarrassed anymore and will easily open your mouth to communicate English better. After you are confident enough to communicate with your friend, it will be easier and more simple for you to communicate English with native English speakers.

A friend with face to face communication will help you increase the actual amount of time of English communication in real up to 20 times compared to signing up for a class. On the other hand, it’s not limited by time as in the class so you’ll feel more comfortable and concentrative, therefore you can easily open your mouth to communicate English better.

If you must choose between a process of learning to speak English naturally and fluently within 3 months and a process of taking more than three years but still not master English, what will you choose? In the first period of learning English, I chose 3-year process because I had no right direction and I lost almost two wasted years and still not master English until I found the effective process of learning to speak English intensively. With new process, I did master English less than three months while I was still a student.

Someone still wonders “If learning with a friend, I never have a chance to listen to foreigners who speak English in standard and I never have a chance to communicate English with native English speakers”.

Completely right! You’ll never understand what native English speakers talk about if you don’t often hear them talk. But is signing up for a class the best way? In Chapter Listening, I’ll show you how to practice listening in practical situations by the most standard accent with native English speakers. I’ll show you how to spend less than 10 US dollars to have a chance to practice listening English with unlimited time effectively or you want to waste thousands of dollars to go to a class just for listening to native English teachers? It’s all your decision.

You‘re never fluent in English if you never speak English with foreigners. Completely right, but it’s just your own thought without considering the whole process and the advantages if you choose to learn English with a friend:

You learn with a friend and no one laughs you, therefore your improvement will be faster. You’ll speak English freely, confidently and feel relax to correct your mistakes with a friend. You only achieve proficiency in English Speaking through real communication, not through any other ways. Learning with a friend will give you maximum time to practice and practice speaking and you’ll shorten your learning schedule more than 20 times compared to the class.

You learn English with a friend and your friend can’t speak English in standard. This is an advantage rather than a disadvantage because it’s a good opportunity for you to listen to non-standard English. Let imagine if you can understand a non-standard English speaker clearly, can you understand a native English speaker? Of course you can and maybe you don’t believe in your ability then.

You shouldn’t worry that you don’t have standard listening environment to practice because I’ll help you handle this problem and help you practice listening to native English speakers in Chapter Listening. Your current problem is whether you have chance to practice English communication? Learning English with a friend will be the best start.

Finally, you must also communicate English with foreigners and due to what you’ve learned with a friend, you’ve learned so much vocabulary, pronunciation and talked so much and you’re no longer embarrassed to communicate with foreigners in fact.

In Chapter Speaking, you’re guided how to create communication contents and how to find a foreigner to communicate English with no cost. Be patient and you’ll communicate English naturally and fluently within 3 months.

Where can I find a friend to learn English with?

The best way is to find someone you know such as classmates, colleagues or friends in the internet through yahoo or facebook … they often have free time to practice English with you and they also want to improve their Listening, Speaking skills.

You can also join the English clubs that are held free of charge at the language centers at weekend or online to find a friend to learn English with.

Everyweek, you should date your friend at least one day for studying English. I propose you date on Saturday afternoon, if you’re busy on Saturday, turn it to Sunday.

You can date your friend at home, park, cafeteria, going to eat hot pot… In the first stage, it should be at home to avoid embarrassment and shy when you speak English.

You shouldn’t be upset if your friend prepares nothing for studying English. Instead, let you present your part and impress your friend by your improvement to attract him/her in studying English.

If you can’t find a friend, be patient because you still communicate English naturally and fluently within 3 months through the methods and exercises in this book especially through Chapter Listening and Speaking. You’ll cope some diffculties without a friend, but you can still get proficiency through this book.

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