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First of all, I want you to answer honestly “Are you confident enough to talk something in front of other people in your mother language?” If the answer is “No”, I’m sure your English speaking is bad even how good your vocabulary and grammar are.

You can’t even express your idea in your mother language fluently, how can you do that in English. That’s almost impossible.

So what is the reason? There are 3 basic reasons in this situation:

You are embarrassed to talk something in front of others.

You can’t express your thoughts in word easily.

You don’t know what you should talk about.

If you’ll meet one of three reasons above or among three, then surely you can’t speak English fluently and you can’t become a good English speaker.

How do I know this? I’ve been an English teacher for many years, I taught many kinds of students and I discover that:

Many of them are smart and they can learn vocabulary very quickly, but a few days after, they almost forget all. The cause in this situation is that they learn individual words and they’re easy to forget.

Many of them are smart and they often achieve high scores in  grammar, reading and listening, but their speaking skill is bad. The cause in this situation is that they embarrassed to speak English and they don’t know what to talk about.

Many of them learn English very badly because the content for studying isn’t attractive, but after I give them a new effective method to apply,  they’ve made a great progress.

What is the solution?

Learn English through a comic book. A comic book will help you with the following benefits:

A comic book can help you learn 500 new words within 1 week and each word then is connected into a full sentence in a suitable context, so you can learn many new words easily at the same time.

A comic book with an interesting storyline can attract you to read, so you don’t feel bored and your study gets more effective.

A comic book is a great tool to practice speaking for beginners and for someone who is bad at speaking skill.

The method:


“Read a comic book”


Can you read out the writing in this picture fluently and attractively? If not, this method is for you! It’ll help you learn enough vocabulary for reading and speaking, otherwise it also shows how to speak English fluently and attractively.

This method includes 2 steps:

Step 1: Read the comic book in English

Book is another way to describe the man’s life in society, reading a book can help you know how people in that society express their thoughts.

Their thoughts are expressed by the tool name “language”. So, reading a book will help you learn which words they use in talk and how they combine different words to create a meaningful sentence in a suitable situation.

If your vocabulary isn’t so much, this method will be a great way to improve it. A comic book can help you learn 500 new words and these words are connected together by the story, so you almost never forget them after you’ve learned them.

But why should we use the comic book to learn English? The next step will help you answer this question.

Step 2: Look at the pictures in the comic book to tell a story in English.

Telling the story will help you learn how to express your idea smoothly. Most of us don’t know how to express our thoughts in words, even in our mother language and a comic book can help you improve it.

You shouldn’t see the writings underneath the pictures. Instead, use your own words to express meaningful story through pictures. This method will help you learn how to express thoughts in mind smoothly.

If you can tell the story just by looking at the pictures, it means you master this method and you can easily express you ideas in word.

Some tips for this method:
Step 1: Read a comic book in English

Read a comic book in English 1 or 2 times per day until you can read it fluently, then move to step 2.

How do you know you read it fluently? If you can read and understand every word in the story in English without dictionary, it means you get fluency.

If your vocabulary isn’t so much, you need about 1 week to read the story fluently.

Step 2: Look at the pictures in the comic book to tell the story in English

This step usually costs you about 1 week to reach fluency. If you can tell the story fluently in English, it means you have mastered how to express your ideas in English. Congratulations.

Don’t try to tell the story so quickly because:

English isn’t your mother language, you’ll stutter if you try to speak English so fast. You want to speak English so fast while you can’t, it makes you  bored and maybe you’ll quit your study. It’s not good!

Instead, tell the story slowly to help your mind have time to remember next words to speak out. By speaking slowly, you can make your voice smoothier and more natural, and after a week, you’ll be amazed at your progress.

Don’t worry about your English speed. If you practice this method, you’ll see yourself speaking English faster and smoothlier only after a couple of weeks.

If you want your voice to be more expressive, imagine that you’re telling the story to a child and you must keep your speed not so fast. Maybe some day, thanks to this method, you can become a great storyteller to your children.


Exercise Personal:

Go to the bookstore and buy an English comic book. You shouldn’t regret to spend some money on buying a comic book. A comic book in a bookstore costs 3 – 10 USD. It means you’ll take 2 weeks and 10 USD to speak English fluently and attractively.

If you attend an English class, you can spend 3 months and 300 USD, and I’m not sure if you can speak English fluently and attractively.

Which one will you choose? Buy a comic book or attend an English class? If you’re learning in an English class without so much improvement now, try this method and you’ll see yourself making suprising improvement then.

Otherwise, if you can’t find a comic book in a bookstore, I’ll give you some extra solutions:

Download it in the internet to save money if you have some internet skills

Download comic ebook if you have an ebook reader (Ipad, Iphone, Kindle, …).

Go and search for “talking book – comic book’s name”, example “talking book – Cinderella”.

Choose by yourself a fairy tale you like and use it to learn new words and learn how to express your idea in English:


The beast and the beauty

Snow White


You only need to read 2 comic books to qualify the vocabulary for beginner. Then, continue with other lessons to master English Reading perfectly.

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