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If you meet a friend, what do you often talk with him/her about? Typically, you don’t know what to talk about. With the methods learned in Chapter Speaking, you learned how to communicate English effectively with a friend or anyone.

To help your communication more interesting, you can use the following game which I call “Guess word.” Game “Guess word” means you give some information and your friend gives answer.


You give a suggestion:

You: Something you use to look up for new word in English

Your friend will give an answer like:

You: It’s dictionary

This game is just that simple, but it can help you practice English Speaking with a friend everywhere you go.


You’re walking on a street with a friend and you see a bank. Then, you give a suggestion like:

You: Somewhere we use to keep money for safe and interest?

You friend then can guess:

Your friend: Bank, right?

This game is suitable for playing with a friend, because then you don’t feel shy and embarrassed, so you can practice English Speaking effectively. Then, if you are confident enough to speak English with a foreigner, go to find them and make your communication funnier and more fluently.

Two following conversations are between me and my friend John. I use the game “Guess word” to make the conversations funnier and more fluently:

     John and I are free now, so we play a game:

Me:     Hey, John! Let’s play a game!

John:  Ok! What do you wanna play?

Me:     “Guess word”, ok?

John:  Ok, guy!

Me:     Me, first! Something we use to call for a friend? What is it?

John:  It’s easy! Cellphone, right?

Me:     Done! Something on your body you use for eating?

John:  It’s mouth! Now, it’s my turn!

The highest mountain all over the world? What is it?

Me:     Everest, right?

John:  Exactly! Another question!

A kind of animal with two colors white and black? What is it?

Me:     It’s simple! It’s Panda

Now, it’s my turn! What kind of cloth you always wear when you get outside?

John:  Oh oh! It’s underclothes, right?

Me:     Correct! What is the capital of Japan?

John:  It’s Tokyo.

The longest river all over the world? What is it?

Me:     Amazon, right?

John:  Wrong, it’s Nile!


     I feel bored and then I ask John for a game:

Me:     I’m so bored! Let’s play a game, John!

John:  Ok! What do you suppose to play?

Me:     The game “Guess word”

John:  How is it?

Me:     I ask you a question and you give me an answer!

John:  Ok, guy!

Me:     Me, first! Where is the chicken from?

John:  It’s from an egg!

Hey, don’t ask me “where is the egg from?”

Me:     You got me. How do you know about that?

John:  Come on! It has no answer!

Me:     Another question “Why do we need love?”

John:  Well, I think “to share sadness and happiness”

Me:     Why do we need happiness?

John:  To make life more meaningful and funnier!

Me:     “How about sadness?”

John:  I don’t know, Duc! There is no exact answer for it.

Now, it’s my turn. Why do we drink water?

Me:     To live!

John:  Why do we live?

Me:     Of course, for fun and happiness!

John:  Got it!



Exercise Personal:

     Describe the following words in the game “Guess word”

1.  Washington DC – the capital of U.S


2.  Eiffel tower in Paris


3.  House


4.  Book


5.  Food


6.  School


7.  Laptop


8.  Dog


9.  Eyes


10. Doctor


My answer:

  1. What is the capital of U.S?
  2. What is the most famous tower in Paris?
  3. A place you use to live everyday! What is it?
  4. Something you use to study at school?
  5. Something is necessary for your life? Without it, you’ll die!
  6. Somewhere a student must go everyday?
  7. Something you use to surf the internet?
  8. A kind of animal helps you guard the house when you go outside?
  9. Something on your body you use to look everything!
  10. A person who works in a hospital! Who is he?


Exercise Group:

If you’re free and want to practice English communication, find a friend to play this game. It’s very interesting and it also helps you practice English Speaking

This game also helps you practice using words in American style for communication effectively. By practicing the game “Guess word” and use words in American style within a week, you can speak English with American style naturally and fluently.

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