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In each English-speaking country, you’ll learn different speaking style and different word style. If you like to learn speaking English in American style, you must know how to use suitable words in American style.

How to master these words? This lesson will help you do that.

Some common words using in American style:

You talk like it’s a fairy tale

No kidding! It makes non sense

Are you kidding me?

Gotcha = got it: understand s/th

It’s nothing

It can’t be: it’s impossible


It’s so annoying

You look amazing

I have no money

That’s all

That’s it: you must do it like that!

Hey, John!

Go on!

I cross my heart for it!: I swear for it

Are you in need for something?

You look ridiculous!: You look funny

It looks nonsense but it’s work

It’s not work

We made it/ we did it


Wow. Give you my big WOW

You’re such a guy: you’re amazing guy

Cross your heart?: Do you swear?

My honor

My honest

Oh! You got my stuff: Oh! You know what I mean

I wanna help

Leave me alone

Don’t make a stuff like that! Don’t make s/th crazy like that

You got everything except …

I can’t stand it

Don’t be so serious

I have no choice

I’m on your side

I have no word to say

No way!

There you are

Give me a big five = shake hand for congratulations

It’s up to you!

I do it on my own

You’re really in your work = You’re busy now

It’s so yummy: It’s so delicious

Do you have a second?

You’re so awesome: You’re so amazing

I’m stuck with my work: I’m busy with my work

Can you do me a favor?: Can you help me?

I don’t wanna miss it!

What the hell are you doing?

Enjoy yourself

Don’t get me wrong: don’t misunderstand my idea!

It’s over : It ends

I’m in no mood for s/th! I’m not excited to do s/th

I’m in mood for s/th! I’m excited to d s/th

It’s so risky

Weird: strange

I’m daydreaming

Some situation with common words in American style above:


Me:     Hey, John! What is your dream?

John: I dream about my true love and my true love’s first kiss.

Me:     You talk like a fairy tale.

John: Come on! It’s just a dream! No one gets tax on dream! How about you!

Me:     Well, I wish the most beautiful girl will love me!

John: (smiling)Well well! You’re daydreaming like me!

     Do exercise at home

Me:     Hey John, Do you wanna go outside for eating something with me?

John:  No thanks! I’m stuck with my exercise

Me:     Come on, John. I know new shop with delicious food near us. You like it if you enjoy it just once

John:  Don’t lie me!

Me:     What the hell did I lie you for? It’s so yummy, indeed.

John:  Well, when will we go?

Me:     One hour later

John:  See you at my home then

     At hot pot shop

John:  What will we eat? Friend

Me:     wait and see!

John:  Here it goes

Me:     Taste it, John!

John:  Wow, it’s so yummy. What is it?

Me:     It’s Chinese hot pot!

John:  Why do you laugh at me?

Me:     You look so ridiculous.

John:  What?

Me:     There’s something on your nose.

John:  Hey, Duc! How did you find this place?

Me:     My friend took me here once! We’ll come back again next time, ok?

John:  I don’t wanna miss it!

      Change house

Me:     Hey John! I’ll change house next month

John: Are you in need for something?

Me:     You got me, John! Can you give me a hand for my luggage?

John: You’re always welcome to me!

Me:     Thank you very much, John!

John: Don’t worry about it!

     Study abroad

Me:     I’m gonna study abroad next month.

John: No kidding! It makes nonsense! How about your girlfriend?

Me:     You got my stuff! I didn’t know how to tell her!

John:  Well, if you can’t tell her, write it to her.

Me:     Wow, good idea!

These are the common words in American style. If you use the Rule Q – A and practice English Speaking with these words in American style above, I’m sure you can master them in only one week.

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