My name is Duc and I’m an English teacher.

 I will teach you how to speak English naturally and

    fluently in 3 months.

       Tr. V. Duc

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How do I do that?

  I’ve taught English for many students in my country for many years and I discover that my students always have some following problems:

They can’t pronounce an English word in standard

They’re weak of vocabulary

They’re not confident enough to speak English in front of a native English speaker

They don’t know how to express their ideas in word though their listening skill is perfect

They don’t know what they should talk about when they have a chance to speak English with someone

As an English teacher, I want my students to surpass this language barrier to be successful. Then, I created a new method to help my students master English Speaking quickly.

Amazingly, with this method, my students surpass this language barrier easily and they can also speak English naturally and fluently within only 3 months.


Some lessons in the book “The 3-month English”:

Learning in class is the best choice?

Stop learning grammar

How to pronounce English in standard?

How to speak English naturally and fluently without thinking

Learn 500 new words within 2 weeks

How to speak English like American speaker

How to master English Speaking within 2 weeks

How to communicate English with content being unprepared


Do you have the same problems as my students? If the answer is “Yes”, this book is for you:

Updating and will be available soon


Otherwise, I offer you 2 gifts with 24$ total value:

     Bonus 1: How to have a successful job interview in English

This bonus will show you how to get a good impression for job in English to an interviewer . Then, you may dream about a good job with high salary in a good company.

     Bonus 2: How to get student visa for studying abroad

This bonus will show you how to surpass an interview to get student visa in Embassy.



If you’re not satisfied with this book for any reason within 3 months

Just send me a message, I’ll bring you back 100% your payment

 No question ask

Updating and will be available soon



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